Oracle client not working



Hi All,

PFA, screenshot of the test run while trying to execute a query in Oracle DB


Can someone help to fix the oracle client compatibility issue.?



Hi Muthu,

To run oracle query you need to have ODAC installed on your machine as a pre-requisite so that Studio can connect to Oracle DB



Thank You Amit :slight_smile: I will try this and let you know the outcome !



Hi @amit_anand15,

I installed the necessary ODAC drives on the machine. But still facing the same issue.

Could you please let me know, if i need to change any system variables to load the ODAC drive.?


Hi Muthu,

No change in env variable is required. Ensure that you have installed correct ODAC as per your DB version

I am not aware of your DB so try installing 64 bit. If it does n’t work try installing 32 bit


Hi @amit_anand15,

I am trying to connect to the Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit.
I installed ODAC121024Xcopy_x64 drive in on my machine. Also i set “ORACLE_HOME” as “D:\Softwares\Oracle_Data_Access_Components_12.\ODAC121024Xcopy_x64\instantclient_12_1”.

When i see the task manager, the automation studio is running on 32 bit mode. Is it expected.? Does community edition support only 32 bit architecture .?



Automation Studio runs in 32 bit mode and the same is expected.
Community edition supports both 32 bit and 64 bit oracle client. Refer this pdf for ODAC installation and install both 32 bit and 64 bit in case only 64 bit is not working



Thank You for the clarification @amit_anand15 !

I will install 32 bit ODAC component as well and try to fix it !