Not able to View Transaction Details in Control Tower

Hi Team,

In Control Tower I see that the transactions executed in the last 7 days are only shown. I want to see the details of the transaction executed a month before. Is there any by which I can see the transactions for the last 30 days in Control Tower?

In AssistEdge 19.1 Control Tower - Process Transactions level data contains data from last 7 days. However Users can retain data stored in multiple process transaction indexes using Data Retention Policy.

For more details on Data Retention period, you can refer AssistEdge knowledge base -

Is there any configuration by which I can see the transactions of last 30 days rather than last 7 days?


Yes. The same can be done. Besides the changes Sumit suggested, you need to make changes in Server config file and restart server component in order to achieve the same


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Can you help me with the location of config file?