Not able to fetch data from a web page

Hi Team, i am trying to fetch data from a web grid in a web page.But i am not able to do so.Kindly help me in resolving this issue.
I have attached a screenshot here and highlighted from where i need to fetch data.

Hi Abisheik

What have you done so far? (The User Manual should help you on this) …but let me give you a quick idea of what to do:

In order to iterate through a grid you must start by pressing ALT+Click on the very first cell of the grid then picking ControlExists…after that you will use the same trick to capture each cell but use GetValue or GetText depending on your requirement. The capture cells will have a {0} as part of their CSS Selector – this represents the ROW number inside the grid, so you must signal a row counter so that you can iterate through the table, say ROWINDEX

Create a While loop, update the row counter and check if the CONTROLEXISTS if so AE will automatically collect the value for the current row…so on and so forth for the rest of the rows.


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