Network path usage

Hi Team,

I need to get the latest folder from list of folders inside main folder, after getting latest folder from subfolders, again from latest subfolder need to get the latest text file. Kindly do the need full.

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Veeresh M

Hi @mundarinti.veeresh

Use power shell to achieve this requirement.
Execute the below code to get the latest folder modified folder.

“gci ‘//yournetworkpath’ | sort LastWriteTime | select -last 1 fullname -ExpandProperty fullname”

Store the output of result in an argument using Result Mapping.

then execute the same code again using the Powershell, but ensure that the path you pass this time is the path captured from the above power shell activity result.

Doing this will help you get the latest file in the latest folder. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hi Prateek,

Thank you for quick response. It is working fine.

Thanks & Regards
Veeresh M