Need to close and open IE browser

Hi Team,

I need to close and open a new IE browser during the automation flow.
For closing the browser I did it with window popup handler.
But I am unable to open a new browser then. I tried with java script as below but it is not working’’,’_blank’,’’);’’,’_self’,’’);’’,’_blank’,’’);

Can you please suggest on this.



If you close the main window on which automation is happening and is in context then automation will fail. Application will get reset on its own when it receives the request in EVA bot

Amit Anand

I Tried this way but after closing the window I am getting below error:

“Failed to attached to IE window with hnd 6097418”

I want to explicitly close the browser and open new one with same login page again rather than just resetting


Try implementing your use case in such a way such that user logs off and is redirected back to login page. Closing browser will fail your automation

Amit Anand