MYSQL Database Connection


I’m new to Assistedge. I’m facing difficulty in connecting to MYSQL database in Assistedge Community Edition. I’m using Xampp for MYSQL database. I’m attaching the connection configuration and error message screenshot. I’m not sure with the dbserver could you help me with that database application configuration.

Hi @arjunmanoj

To resolve this error, you’ll have to copy the MySQL.Data.dll from the installation directory of your MySQL to the ACE and PA folder of AssistEdge Installation directory.

In my case, I did typical instllation of MySQL Connector Net 8.0.15. So, on my machine, the dll was present in C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Connector Net 8.0.15\Assemblies\v4.5.2

I copied the dl from here and pasted in the Instllation folder of AssistEdge Community Edition -
C:\Users<your.username>\Documents\EdgeVerve Systems Limited\AssistEdge_CE\ACE
C:\Users<your.username>\Documents\EdgeVerve Systems Limited\AssistEdge_CE\PA

This would ideally resolve your issue.
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Hi @Mantri

Do I need to install MYSQL Connector for this. I couldn’t find any file named as MYSQL.Data.dll in the Xampp installation directory

Yes @arjunmanoj . You’ll have to install MYSQL Connector. You can get the installable of teh same from this link MySQL :: Download MySQL Connector/NET (Archived Versions)


There is no need for installation. You can get the same from nuget package library.


Hi @Mantri

Done with the installation of MYSQL Connector. After installation do I need to make any configuration with the MYSQL Connector. If any can you tell me the steps to do because after installing it copy pasted the file but still facing the same issue.

Hi @arjunmanoj

Please ensure that you either install MySQL Connector 8.0.15
Get the same library from nuget via this link NuGet Gallery | MySql.Data 8.0.15

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