Multifactor Authentication

Does AE RPA support automation involving Multifactor Authentication. If yes which types of MFA automation are supported.

Hi Ashwini,

Yes AE RPA 19.x supports MFA for Outlook and SharePoint operations.
However, for lower AE RPA versions there is custom Microbot (called as MFA Microbot) build by services team and handed over to EV support team. This Microbot will help to perform few basic operations of Outlook, SharePoint and OneDrive. For more info download MFA Patch #4 from below URL and refer user guide.

(AE SE RPA 17.5 Patches - AssistEdge Product Support - EVConfluence)

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Thanks Rakesh!
I was looking for Is the support for MFA 19.0 more from Web automation perspective. If there are any points on that do share the same.

Hi @ashwini_kelkar

AssistEdge RPA 19.1 supports OTP based Multifactor Authentication.
So while you sign in into a Web Application, The TOTP acticvity can fetch the actual OTP for you.
The TOTP actvity works just like an Authenticator App.

You can refer the Knowledge Base which will help you to understand how to use the TOTP Acticity.

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Hi Ashwini,

Kindly refer below URL for 19.x
SAML and OIDC Support - AssistEdge Features (

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Thankyou! Will check out the details!

Thankyou Rakesh! Will check out.

Hi Prateek,

Does this have a dependency on any specific Authenticator App? End user of an application would typically only get an OTP on a phone or email.

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Hi @ashwini_kelkar

Applications are now also providing the support for Authenticator App.

For example - /

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So any Application which supports Authenticator, the OTP part of it can be automated using TOTP activity.

For SMS based OTP, you’ll need Attended Automation.

For Email based OTP, it can be automated by using Web Application Activity.

Ok. Got it. This helps. To summarize:
TOTP activity for MFA automation can be used for the applications which support Authenticator App as a verification method.
Email based OTP - Email + Web Automation
Captcha potential option to use Surface / Image based automation - success dependent on complexity of the captcha
For any other intervention (e.g. get the OTP from the phone by registering the phone to a specific service), microbot could be an option
Attended automation if automation otherwise


Yes @ashwini_kelkar

Just one point for Captcha, if Captcha is simple, like few numbers or characters, the n you can use Text Extractor / Visison OCR Activity
Like -


Go that. Right. Cheers!