MS Word automation


Hello to all, and thanks for your help. This my first hour of using AssistEdge, so everything is new.

As as test, I’m trying to open MS Word and type “Hello, World!” (Notepad would be fine as well).
So far I see no tool to send text to, or type text into, a control. (In the case of Word, this might well be _WwG, or perhaps RICHEDIT50W, but I see no tool to select that control in Word.) I also see no tool to send a Winapi message (i.e. WM_SETTEXT, WM_COPYDATA, and so on).
It seems to me a robust enterprise-grade automation tool will have these capabilities, so I’m certain I just don’t know where to look yet.
EDIT: I have searched through the Automation Studio User Guide, and find no mention of MS Word, Powerpoint, ODBC, ADODB. This seems curious to me. I look forward to being enlightened.

Edit: It appears I might be able to enter text from the Field Configuration dialogs, but now I am stuck again. Hitting “Control” in the main Edit (_WwG1) does not bring up the properties panel options, because it appears Word is “swallowing” the keystroke, which makes sense.

I am trying a similar approach with Notepad now, hoping to escape validation errors which have kept me from completing what seems like should be the simplest of tasks.

Any help appreciated.



You can add word as a Windows Application and select path
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16\WINWORD.EXE ( depending upon winword.exe location in your machine.

If you want to open a specific file then you can provide path in additional parameter property,

Post that you can configure word application control while creating process.

Hope this helps.


@amit_anand15, thanks for your input. That looks very helpful indeed, I’ll try it out now!
EDIT: I’m at my wits’ end here. Every time I get to advance configuration, it selects _WwF (on which there seems to be little info) and never _WwG. I’ll try to post a GIF, but I may have to take a screenshot and shrink it.
EDIT: I got it to _WwG, but I keep getting validation errors. I have the input exactly as pictured above, except the Control ID is always 50030. I haven’t been able to get 50033 yet. I’ll keep trying.

EDIT: Got it! I just had to add the input text as an argument instead of typing it straight into the box.