Monitoring Alerts

With Infrastructure Health Monitoring feature, we have an option to receive email notification when CPU or Memory utilization reaches maximum threshold in any of the robot farm machine. Do we have similar option for web/app server?

Hi @rajasri.muthaiya

There’s no out-of-the-box alert for CPU and Memory Utilization for the AssistEdge server machine.

But with the extensible architecture of AssistEdge RPA, you can add your own custom alert for the Vanguard
The customization needs to be implemented using .NET 6 for AssistEdge 19.1 version

You can refer the knowledge base for more information - Customizing Alert and Notification

AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 - has capability to create custom notification. You can refer knowledge base and contact Edgeverve for more information on customization.

Contact Edgeverve -

Hi @Mantri & @sumit.sagar, Thanks for providing suggestion.