MicroBot -dll Issue. User Specific, Migration --> Test run failed



When a Process is created with a microbot in machine A, It is working fine in that machine when it is running ‘N’ no.of times but the same process after migration to machine B(through Export and import of the process along with the microbot), during test run it says “Test Run Failed” and there is no any error message displaced. Can some one help me why it is happening?

I found a solution for the same after a while, need a suggestion or alternative for mine. The following are the things that I’ve done.
A. Migration issue

  1. Went to ADMIN-> Bots-> Edit-> Microbot Path .(By default it was showing Dll repository in Proton files folder.)
  2. When i changed the path to the original path where i have the placed my Dll and other files related to that microbot, by that time when we execute, it’s working fine.

B. User Specific

  1. When the above step A is done for 2 different users, latest user’s microbot is working but the earlier person’s microbot is failing.

Kindly Help us asap.


Hi Ambarish,

For Point B,
At any given time only one specific dll will remain corresponding to one microbot. In case some other user re uploads the dll then the prvious dll will get overwritten

For Point A,
I will like to investigate it further. Will it be possible for you to share the process file zip offline through email. My email id is Amit_Anand15@edgeverve.com