Merging of excel sheet - Automation Studio

We have lakhs of record in SQL database. We have used ExecuteDB query activity, this activity fetches 1 lakh records at a time and we are exporting it in excel file. So we have 2 excel files with 1 lakh records each. When we use File merger activity, it merges records from 2 excel files into new excel but in a different sheets. So, how i can merge records from different excels into new excel in a single sheet ?


First create separate excel file for each sheet using File Splitter activity. Then merge them all

Amit Anand

But I don’t want to split records. Records are in the 2 sheets of an excel. I want to merge those 2 sheets as single sheet.

As i said, first create two separate excel from the two sheets and then merge those excel


Already i have two separate excels from two sheets but not able to merge those excels. Can i show you the exact problem by sharing screen ?

Hi Shrikant,
Is that issue resolved?