Maximum Column in ExcelActivity to Handle

Hi Admin,
The Excel I’m using for a process has so many columns(till column no: BO).
When I try to upload the Excel in Excel activity, the Arguments are not getting created. The Tool is getting hanged. Its keep on loading the Excel columns.
Please tell me the column limit.
Is there any other option for this?

Rahul Ramesh


There is no restriction from product side. Ensure that your machine is not already overloaded and try uploading the excel again.

Amit Anand

Hi Amit,
Yes I loaded and waiting for few mins, the arguments got loaded.
But Iam facing an error when running the process.

ActivityName: Excel Loop
Message : Object’/ce3eaa56_ed3d_488b_a4a9_0f4e3ba6d65e/_fv3vcuejwaoajd_6heivor4_591.rem’ has been disconnected or does not exist at the server.
Action: Activity
Activity Status : Fail

Can you please tell me the reason for the error?
Rahul Ramesh


Please check if key MultiDomain is available under PrimarySettings section in <InstallationDirectory>\EdgeVerve Systems Limited\AssistEdge_CE\ACE\Automation Studio.exe.config file. If available, please check if value is “False”.

If not available, pls add the key, and restart Studio.