Mark argument as visible on control tower


I have an automation process which used to analyze customer sentiment analysis. Using JSON activity I extracted sentiment and sentiment score.

I want to mark these two arguments as Visible on control tower. Need help.

AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 - Arguments can be added as input or marked as output into the process while Designing Process Workflow in Automation Studio. Arguments that are marked as output of the process, is viewable in Control Tower.

To Configure Process Input/Output, navigate to -

Automation Studio Enterprise → Workflow Designer menu → Tool Bar → Process Input/Output

Thanks @sumit.sagar for your response

I tried to apply your suggesting

Created an argument as Output direction - Customer_Id

But this argument, Customer_Id is not visible in Process Input/Output section


Please suggest if i miss any steps.

Hi @bhuvan

To do this, please create a datatable. Add the rows of your sentiment score and mark the datatable as IsExtracted.

You’ll see the output in the ControlTower


Hope this helps!