Manual vs Proctor Robot Agent

Which is the recommended way to use Robot Agent?

Shall I start it manually or should I use it with Proctor?


It is beneficial to use a proctor so that in case of machine restart, agent and robot start on there own and there is no manual intervention required.
In case of manual agent, if agent machine starts then user have to manually start Agent and start start robot via UI.


In AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1, Robot Agent configured via Proctor is cost effective way to quickly start/stop/update Robot Agent on machines without logging on machines manually.

Users don’t have to configure Robot Agent manually on Machines, there’s Job Pools like Start Agent, Stop Agent, Update Agents are available in Machine view. Users can send the jobs to pool - that instantly starts Robot Agent, stop or update Robot Agent.

Robot Agent configured via Proctor also has capability to integrate with vaults like Beyond Trust - Managed Account, Beyond Trust Team Password, CyberArk Vault.