Low Code only allowing only one static user to login

Hi Team,

Low Code only allowing one static user to login. Even default admin user also not allowed.
As per our observation, the first user tries to access is able to access low code.

Remaining users are not able to access it.

Is this the product behavior? or other users can access the low-code at the same time?


AssistEdge 19.1 Enterprise - Low Code Orchestrator - Below are the User mapping of AssisEdge Low Code Functionality -

“Low Code Orchestrator Designer” is mapped to “Admin” User
“Low Code Orchestrator” is mapped to “Users” Roles
“Web Engage” is mapped to “User” Roles

For more information to provide access to more users, you can write to Edgeverve for a valid Low Code Licenses for Users -


Hi @ahmad.husain
Low Code platform integrated with AssistEdge RPA Users. So only user who have required access(explain by @sumit.sagar) are able to access.

Default user Admin is used to manager LC internal authentication.

LC by default install with two users license. So only two users are able to access LC platform.

Hi @ahmad.husain

As suggested by @sumit.sagar, please contact to extend LC number of users license.


Thanks Bhuvan and Sumit.

Could you please share the Lex course url for LC?