Listener and rabbit mq url for community edition

Hi Team,

What will be the listener url and rabbit mw url for assist edge community edition.Please guide me how can I find these details.

Hi bipasha,

As per my knowledge rpa listner API and RabbitMQ is not available for the community edition.



Community Edition of Assist Edge do not use RPA listener and RabbitMQ. These are part of enterprise edition where in user needs to manage multiple robots. User can schedule and run there process via EVA bot using (File / Mail and Time based trigger)


Thanks all for your information. Actually I want to trigger one process from Load gen file. but I am using assist edge community edition. and in load gen code we need to provide listener URL. So I am stuck there. Can you suggest any another way so that I can trigger one assist edge process(created in community edition) from another tool…

You can use file based trigger