License file is not getting prompted post installation, But prompting after few days

Hi Team,

I have installed Community edition, it is NOT prompting for license file to be uploaded post installation.

After a couple of days it is prompting for upload the license, but the license provided in the email is getting invalidated with the error. Lerr1033 -License Validation Failed

This happened 2 times, we have re-installed as a third time. I dont think re-installing is the solution.

After browsing the community portal help, i understood there is a link for re-generating license using the mac address or ip address. Can you please guide how to get the license file again.

i have navigated to this link, which i got this as reference

But i am not finding further navigation to reach up to re-generate the license. Please help in providing full steps…

Regards, Padmashree


License file gets generated automatically for the user. Ensure that your MAC Id and user id with which you logon on machine remains same.

Amit Anand