License Error - LERR1004

Hi, i installed Assistegde, when i try to upload the license i am getting LERR1004 error.
screenshot attached. Any idea

Thanks for the interest. This error indicates that “User Id” given during registration is different from the one that is being used on this machine to launch the Studio.

Can you run command “whoami” on a command prompt and confirm that its output is the same as that was used when registering for download?

hi @prasad_ghatpande, yes, the user id i gave while registering for downloading and ‘whoami’ in my command prompt are same.

Hi @annmary.jacob, in our records the User Id provided during registration is showing as "itlinfosys\annmary.jacob ". There seems to be a space at the end. Could you please register again so that a new license will be mailed to you?

Note - We are allowing/ not checking for spaces in User Id as some users use such User Id’s on their home computers.

oh okay @prasad_ghatpande, Thank you for the reply. I will register again.