Launch and SignIn Application

Hi Team,

I am using Excel loop and Excel Application in a same process.
Both my Excel loop and Excel Application are working on the same excel file.

Whenever I set up the environment, it launches my excel file. My Excel loop also works fine
But after the Excel Loop execution is completed, my Excel file is getting closed.

And my automation steps for Excel Application are not working.

I tried to put Launch and SignIn application activity inside the ExcelApps, but it is not relaunching my Excel file.

Can anyone replicate this similar issue and help me how to fix this scenario?


Does anyone has a solution for this issue?

Whether Launch and SignIn Application can launch only Web-based applications?

How will I reopen my Excel Application if it gets crashed or closed?

Hi @Mantri
Launch and SignIn Application activity can use in any type of application. Even you are able to reopen Excel Application using this Activity.

These steps i follow to test Launch and SignIn Application activity for Excel Apps.