Java Automation for JNLP application not working

I need to automate a java thick client Application using Assistedge. I added the application correctly.
Next when I am trying to launch the application to begin scrapping, it is opening the Java Mode modal interface…which is like always there. It is neither recognizing the mouse clicks nor am I able to close it. Can you please tell me how exactly the Java mode works.
Absolutely nothing is mentioned in the user guide.


First of all add Java application and select JNLP while adding application.
Select the value in Event Type property dropdown correctly

Amit Anand

I have added the application correctly. Have selected all those values correctly.
I am facing issue in using the java mode.
After I run it or say click on the settings options, ideally the application should launch and then I should be able to scrape it. But all it does is launches my application, java mode modal interface stays open full time, And then it doesn’t even identify the elements im clicking on. And I am not even able to close the modal interface.


are you clicking on start scrapping window to start scrapping. Check the logs for more details on why such is the behavior