Issue in Running BOT

Hi Team,

I have tested the process in Studio. It runs perfectly but while running the same from EVA BOT it fails. Below is the log file:

ProcessName: OCRUK
TransactionId: 4ae95fa8-018d-4e0c-a078-66e687504561
12:32:26 PM : SIGNIN_TRIGGERED : Triggered Sign-in into configured applications.
12:32:26 PM : SIGNIN_COMPLETED : Signin completed with status as success.
12:32:26 PM : AUTOMATION_STARTED : Triggering automation.
12:32:31 PM : PROCESS_STEP : File Search completed successfully
12:32:37 PM : PROCESS_STEP : Excel Script completed successfully
12:32:37 PM : PROCESS_STEP : Excel Loop automation started
12:32:45 PM : PROCESS_STEP : COSPDFExtractor started
12:32:46 PM : PROCESS_STEP : COSPDFExtractor failed
12:32:46 PM : PROCESS_STEP : Excel Loop automation completed
12:32:46 PM : AUTOMATION_COMPLETED : Automation execution is completed with status SearchFailed.

Can you please help


PROCESS_STEP : COSPDFExtractor failed. This step is failing. You may have to modify your process in order to correct this


HI Amit,

thanks a lot for your response. In the process when ran in studio it is working fine.

Mayank Jain