Issue in importing the exported package to Studio

Hi Amit,

I have created in process in Automation studio 18.0 and there are Re-use process in it .After published and deploying in Studio , I have exported the package . Now when i am trying to import this package in another system VDI then it has imported only those proces in which Re-use procss was not there. And the proces with Re-use process have failed to import. Is there any way to import the process containing the Re-use process?


First export and import the sub process which has been reused. Post that import main process.


Hi Amit,

I did exactly the same after getting errors while importing all the processes, still the process containing reuse process is not getting imported.



Just to be sure, are you exporting process from community edition and migrating in another instance of community edition

Amit Anand

Hi Amit,

No i am exporting process from RPA 18.0 Enterprise edition and importing on the different profile of RPA 18.0.



In case you are using Enterprise edition then raise a support ticket in JIRA. Relevant team will analyze your issue and provide resolution for the same

Amit Anand

Hi Amit,

They are not able to help so i asked you , they are saying since i have used a re use process that’s why i am unable to import the package…is that the reason for not getting imported?

That is not a valid reason. Any process within same version should get imported

Ok Thank you so much for your help Amit

hi Abhishek,

Is this issue resolved? If yes could you please explain how?


My processes was not getting imported because of an unused commented activity.
So before exporting just check there should be no unused or commented activity present in any of the sub processes or main process. After removing them my issue got resolved.
Check your whole process once.

okay, thank you.