Is it possible to drag and drop an activity inside the sequence ? (Ex: Move the activity using mouse where ever I want)

From the attached image, there are 3 activities inside the sequence

  1. Assign (Assign the value to the variable)
  2. WriteLine (Write the variable in the output)
  3. WriteLine (Print some confirmation text in the output)

My question here is, I want to move the 3. WriteLine activity between 1 & 2. I am unable to drag and drop the activity inbetween. Is it possible?


First drop the first 2 activities (example, Assign and Writeline) and then drag and drop the WriteLine between these 2 activities.



If I am dragging any activity, it is automatically moving to last (For example, I am dragging 1.Assign activity and it is moving to 3rd position automatically). Unable to drag and drop the activity where ever I want.

Incase of 20+ activities, it will be much hard to drag the activity also. Please provide your solution with screenshots or proper steps

Step 1- 1. You have an Assign activity. 2. You have a WriteLine activity that prints “A” 3. You have another WriteLine activity that prints “B”.
Step 2 - Now just move the 3rd WriteLine and drop it on the arrow in between the first assign activity and the second WriteLine activity. Please note your mouse pointer while dropping the activity should be on the arrow (the process arrow) that exists between the Assign and Second WriteLine activity.

Screenshot for dropping the activity onto the process steps arrow is diffcult. Please see if you are able to follow the steps.