If you are getting multiple values by on typing get mac command its because it is returning the MAC address of all the NICs connected with your system.
For the licence to get validate, any of the MAC address will be work fine.

Your username should be in format / which cane be obtained by whoami comamnd

The reason you are getting validation error in license because license file generated is not correct. Try generating a new license file.


Instead of killing application from task manager, go to system tray, right click on the EdgeVerve icon and then click on Automation studio in context menu. This will launch already opened instance of AssistEdge RPA CE.


How to generate new license file??


You need to generate new license from, same as earlier.


i tried doing the same twice i am facing the same problem


Hi Abhinav,

Aplologies for the inconvenience.

We have mailed you a new license file today which should work for you. Please give it a try and let us know.


same problem i am aslso facing here also, pl send me the license file to our maid id


hi Kartik,

What is the user id and mac address that you used to generate the license? What error are you seeing?


HI Prasad ,

Am also facing the same licence issue.Two times i generated the new Licence file, but it’s saying invalid licence file. Can you please generate valid licence file and send it to me.

Email ID :
Mac ID : A4-4C-C8-4F-3A-2A

Thanks in Advance.


Now its’s working Fine. Thanks for your help.