Install Error - AssistEdge logs say that can't write to Program Files (x86)

Windows 10 running in a VM (Parallels Desktop).

Installation failure. According to the AssistEdge logs, it can’t write to Program Files (x86). The properties show that the directory is read-only. Not able to unset the read only box. What is the work around?

Hi Ryhahm,

To install CE user must have read-write permission on the folder mentioned in the installation wizard. If you don’t have read-write access to Program Files(x86) then please change the installation path in installation wizard.

Vipin Dabas

Is there a plan for the installer to better integrate with the file integrity features of Windows 10? All modern operating systems do this nowadays where the user must acknowledge that it is okay for the directory (in this case the Program Files folder) to change. This is just good information security hygiene. I am a bit reluctant to install AssistEdge unless there is a roadmap to the product that will better “integrate” with the integrity features of the operating system.