Insert image in email


Need help in inserting image in mail



if you want to send an image in bodycontent then assign a HTML image tag to Body content

BodyContent = "<img src='D:\\Mails\\Test.png' height='42' width='42'>"

src path , height and width you can give as per your choice.

Post this use outlook activity to send the mail


If you want to send email as attachment just assign a variable path file path to be sent and select that in attachment drop down



Not sure if the above solution will work in each case as image has to be present at the ‘src’ path in the receiver’s machine as well.

Tested solution from my project: Use the concept of ‘cid’ tag with HTML. In this mode, we have to attach the image as attachment in the email. ‘cid’ tag is used in the HTML body as embedded reference. At the receiver end, image will be inside the email body and will not be displayed as attachments.

ex: <a href=''><img src='cid:facebook.png'></a>

Hope this helps.



Thanks for pointing that out. Apart from CID approach there are multiple approaches of embedding images in email. You can refer following url which defines pros and cons of each approach. From a product perspective Assist Edge provides capability to send html tags in email. It is up to user to send the correct mail HTML body as per his use case.


Perfect !!
Basically, implementer will have to determine what is best for them weighing the details in the link.


Thank you Amit this helps…


Thank you Amit and Deepan, my first sample project is done with help of you both…Hurrayyyyy!!!