Increase timeout for execute DB query

Hi ,

while executing DB query in AE, I am facing following error
“execution timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding”

Our query takes 1 minute to execute in SQL.

is there a way to increase timeout for execute DB query?

Please help us on this issue.

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Hi Santhosha,

In the main folder of Automation Studio, there is a configuration file named “Automation Studio.exe”, Open this file and search for “StudioSearchTime” parameter. The time consider here is in miliseconds. Increase it according to your requirements and save the file and start the studio again.

Hope this will solve your problem.


hi shubham,

we tried this but still we are getting the same error.

“StudioSearchtime” parameter with respect to the process timeout right?

Is their any specific parameter or key for DB Timeout?


DB query time out cannot be changed as of Rel 18.0 community edition. Its default time out is 30 sec
Option to configure DB query time is available in latest Enterprise edition

Amit Anand