Importing Auto automation Process in studio

I am facing this issue when I’m going to import auto automation process.I am able to login discover through automation studio also done configuration in Admin module.But when I’m going to open that exported process it showing error shown in image.

Hi @arati.argade

Could you please confirm which role you are assign in Discover? And ensure that, you should have required User Group access in Discover.

Can you let us know the version of Automation Studio and AssistEdge Discover?

Version of automation studio is 19.0 and for discover 2.1 is there.

I have assigned to Business Analyst role.I have also created user group , process and tasks.

Hi @arati.argade

Did you check in the server where RPA is installed that you are able to access Discover instance?

This seems to be connectivity issue from RPA server to the Discover instance.

earlier, it was working fine, but after 3 days it showing this error.

HI @arati.argade

The issue seems to be with the exported variation. Have you patched your Discover instance to latest available patch?

yes , I have applied.