How WaitUntilExits interaction works


In the use case, report needs to be loaded but loading time is not fixed. It can take 30 min or 1 hr. Can i use WaitUntilExits interaction here?
If yes, how it works.What is Lookup interval?? What is Timeout??
How much maximum time i can provide in Timeout?


Also we need to provide variable while using this interaction. Is it only for storing True/ False value?



Look Up Interval means that system will check for that particular UI control after every given amount of time

Time out means find the max time for which the system will wait to check for that control. If it doesn’t find then step will fail


Hi Amit,

So we can set maximum Timeout according to our requirement, right?
OR is there any limitation for setting Timeout?


It accepts int32 value. So, you can set your value accordingly. You will also have to check max process execution time, else your process will time out while waiting for control

Amit Anand