How to Raise Alert

I wanted to know how to raise an alertmessage in microbot from Studio.
Actually, I have written a microbot code , now when the process will run there should be an alert message saying that the “tagname is missing”, so that the user should able to know it.
Please help me with this.


You can use a message box activity to achieve your use case

Amit Kr Anand

Is there message box activity on community edition of automation studio


Yes. The same is available.


HI Amit,
could not find that activity in studio I checked for that


The Message Box activity was added in the 18.1 release of the AssistEdge RPA Enterprise edition.
For community edition, you’ll have to wait for the next update.

In Microbot, if you want to raise an alert box, then you can use -

MessageBox.Show(“message string”);

Though, raising alerts from Class Library project is not recommended as your process will not get over until the message box is closed.

What should I do to raise the Pop-up in mIcrobot

In the Micobot Code
Add the below line in your logic -

MessageBox.Show(“message string”);

Add the required namespace of -
using System.Windows.Forms;