How to pass arguments created in process as input to the vbscript generated using SAP recorder

I am doing SAP automation in AE, using SAP recorder. I am trying to select some rows in the grid on the SAP window using input from an excel loop.
I am facing 2 issues and below are my queries:

  1. There is search popup in SAP. While recording actions in pop-up and replaying the actions, the SAP recorder Fails. If I record without using pop-up then the recording works.
  2. How to pass arguments created in process as input to the vbscript generated using SAP recorder.

Kindly let me know any suggestions on how to proceed.


  1. Check if the pop up is a SAP pop up or Windows pop up. In case of SAP pop up it will record.
    In case of Windows pop up you will have to put Pop up handler activity in parallel with delay to handle the same
  2. You can use input mapping of the argument through setting icon

Amit Anand

Hi Amit,

  1. It is a SAP pop-up. It records the actions on pop-up. However when i test run the process after recording it fails. This happens only when i record pop-up actions.
  2. I am using input mapping to map argument and un-checking default value checkbox. But still it takes the default value in script rather than the argument value.

Thank you,


Kidnly share screen shot of the pop up which you are getting


I have uploaded the screenshot above for your reference.


What is the SAP version. From the pop up screen it appears to be 7.6. Kindly confirm. There are two alternate action that you can perform.

  1. Record a SAP script using SAP internal tool for opening the pop up and check the script. Compare the same with the one captured by Assist Edge and make necessary changes
  2. In case it does not work try using Win Pop Up handler.