How to iterate through the elements in a website

Hey there,

i want to iterate through google and get informations about the website and the context …

for example in this picture, I want to get the website name in a variable, the blue text and the text under the blue. and this from all 3 website how can I iterate through this in assistedge?


Hello There,

how can i set a value in a drop down list in the next 2 pictures there is an example.

2020-09-09_11h38_20 2020-09-09_11h38_30

i first click on the dropdown and then want to get “Audi” which is saved in an argument. how can i get the “Audi” when i use the application that i can search on websites



Search result do not come in table so you cannot directly iterate over the search result. However if you look closely then the search result do have a pattern in css selector. You can use a loop to construct css selector and then use java script activity to fetch the values. I am giving you an example of js code to fetch the search result values.


Configure the combo box first. And then use interaction for select list by text to select the given value

Amit Anand