How to handle TxnStore delta data that accumulates post TxnStore Migration using Migration Workbench?

AssistEdge 19.x, Txnstore Data, Elastic Data, Migration

During the TxnStore migration activity, data from current TxnStore (any version prior to 19.0) is migrated to new version 19.0 using the Migration Workbench. Assume that the start date for this migration activity is 15-Mar-2022. It might take a few days to complete the migration to 19.0 and be ready for cutover, due to unexpected reasons. Assume the completion date is 20-Mar-2022 and scheduled cutover date is 21-Mar-2022. Any robot related activities such as creating new robot, mapping new profile, and so on performed between 15-Mar-2022 and 20-Mar-2022 is considered as delta data. This data will still be in previous versions. Ensure to migrate this delta data from previous version to 19.0.