How to handle delta data of the accumulated data post the Database Migration?

AssistEdge 19.x, DB Data, Database Migration

At the beginning of Database migration activity, data from current DB (any version prior to 19.0) should copied to new DB. Assume that the date when this data is copied over is 1-Mar-2022. It will take a few days to complete the migration to 19.0 and be ready for cutover. For example, if the completion date is 10-Mar-2022 and scheduled cutover date is 11-Mar-2022. Any developmental activities such as creating new process, updating existing process for bug fixes, and so on conducted between 1-Mar-2022 and 10-Mar-2022 is considered as delta data. This data will be still in previous versions. Ensure to copy this delta data from previous version DB to new DB of 19.0.