How to fetch all Robots details from AssistEdge RPA system


In AssistEdge RPA are there any API/Dll/Utility which can help to fetch all robots details (Started/Stoped, Success/Failed count, Profile-Process details, Current and Next Schedule, etc. Same details which are showing on ControlTower Robot View).

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Hi @rakesh_bhavsar

AssistEdge 19.0 has an API based framework.
You can now easily call AssistEdge APIs from any external client.
Your requirement to fetch status of all Robots can also be trigerred by API.

In your deployed instance, you just need to type /ui/api-docs in the url. You’ll then land onto the API Documentation which will help you understand how to Trigger these APIs.

Example - https://host:port/ui/api-docs/

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Thanks, Pratik, for quick and wonderful help!

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