How to extract pdf table data and put into excel

I have extracted table data from pdf. But table got mergerd in one variable…now i want to each table row-column value in separate variable to put in excel sheet.
Help me out for this.


Use PDF Template activity for PDF tablular data extration. It will give you data in csv format

Amit Anand

Hi Amit,
Thank you for your help.
I have used PDF Template activity but unable to get tabular data in csv.
Can u explain the steps.

Hi Prachi,

If you are using the latest version of AE RPA Community edition then you will find a folder path property for PDF extractor activity. There you can mention the path at which the Excel should be generated.

Hi Anshu,
I am using the latest version of AE RPA Community Edition but as u said folder path property is not displaying in PDF extractor activity. CSV is generated in EdgeVerve folder but the whole table data is getting merged in one cell only, i want this tabular data in table format(Separated in row and columns) what can i do for that??

Thanks & Regards,
Prachi Pawar

Hi Prachi,

Attaching the snapshot where you see the FolderPath property on the right and also, while creating the template don’t forget to add column.


Hi Anshu,
Thank you so much for your help.



Hi Anshu,

I have a pdf which has tables in about 133 pages. I created reference fields by which I can select the required table. Since the table spans to about 3 pages, I chose the area selection type as 3 corners and defined top left, top right and bottom right of the table.
*Bottom right of the table comes in a different page.
I also added excluded fields to avoid the repetition of headers. But when I click the highlight current field button, only the excluded fields are being highlighted and not the main table selection.

At the same time, If I choose the bottom left/right corner in the same page as the top right and left corners, the table also gets highlighted. But this gives me only part of the table which is not my required output.

Can you please help me with this? Is this this the right approach or am I doing something wrong?

I have used “BAY018” as the reference field as shown in the image.

Thank you guys for your help