How to extract data from multiple PDF invoices with different Signatures

I am trying to understand ,how to extract data from the multiple PDF invoice with different signatures.
I can extract each and every PDF invoices separately by creating a new template.
Is there any other way to extract the data from the PDF around 1000 different signatures.


Is that PDF is digital PDF - searchable, true PDF or scanned PDF, Image PDF?

Refer knowledge base for PDF Automation -

With AssistEdge 19.1 - Automation Process are stable when you implement searchable or true pdf. For scanned or Image PDF - you can se up XtractEdge Document AI Platform -

HI @mahalakhmik

I need below further inputs to provide an apt solution.

  1. What do you mean by signature? Is it a change of layout or is it some signed document?
  2. Is there any value which comes at the same location which can help you identify the different invoices?

Is it possible for you to share the sample document?

Hi @Mantri, @Sagar

If suppose we have multiple pdf invoices flowing in to the email daily…say for example 100 pdf invoices (native pdf, true pdf) all are from different signatures(templates\vendors).
Do we have to save different pdf template for each signature/Vendor?
If no, how we can extract the PDF invoices? (For example, if we have 100 vendors, it is very difficult to create 100 different templates to extract data …what is the alternate way to extract the data?).

If we can do it in Automation studio, do we need to write a code /script
to accomplish this Use case?
If it can be achieved using OCR Engine…Can you please guide me with some material /videos to work with it?

Thanks in advance

HI @mahalakhmik

Any document processing engine should ideally know what type of document you are processing. This is called the training stage.

Answer to your question -
Do we have to save a different pdf template for each signature/Vendor?
– Yes, every Vendor Invoice will require a different template in AssistEdge RPA.

What is the alternate way to extract the data?
– Use XtractEdge Platform IDP. XtractEdge Platform doesn’t depend on the layout of the document. It focuses more on the fields/aliases that you wat to extract.