How to configure web grid which has dynamic cell id

Can you please help us in configuring the grid view of web application, the issue we are facing here is that in page we have two grid views with ids generating automatically by the API like 1574940845086-0-uiGrid-0007-cell and 1574940845087-0-uiGrid-0012-cell respectively where the number’s keep changing. we shall add rows dynamically to the 2nd grid view and then try to edit two column values. We tried configuring based on the cssselector, cssxpath and manual mode but assistedge is not able to add values into the grid. In manual options we have tried like div[id*=’0-uiGrid’] where we are lookin for cell ids containing 0-uiGrid but since the same text is present in the 1st grid cell as well the selector chooses from the 1st grid cell. Can you please suggest any alternate ways to configure grid or alter the manual mode configuration. Please let us know if you need more details.


The website which you are configuring Is it publicly available