How to configure advanced field configuration for handling two successive pop ups



I am automating citrix to launch applications which run only on client specific systems. Below are the screenshots for which I have automated.

  1. Click here to close this web page

  2. Entering user id & password and clicking on Log On.

  3. Clicking on Windows 7 Desktop.

  4. After that the below two popups appear and I need to click on Allow and Open.

  5. I am using Advanced Filed Configuration inside Win Pop Up Handler but it is not being able to identify the clickable pop up elements.

Can you please help me in setting up the advanced field configuration.

Thanks and Regards


Hi ,

Below is the settings which I am configuring.

Not identifying the Allow button

Please let me know in case my configuration details are not correct and what needs to be done.


Hi Subhajit,

Using spy++ or any other tool identify the window name of Internet Explorer Security window.

Provide the same and then configure Allow button


Hi Amit,

I used UI Spy but it is showing the same name which I have configured before. Is there any other way to configure this.

Thanks and Regards


Hi Subhajit

Windows for your dialog Internet Explorer Secutiry is Regional Citrix Services - Internet Expl…

Check the entire word and spelling and give the same