How to capture screenshots of web application in a process which runs as cron job even when the system is locked?


I have scheduled a cron job which runs everyday at 4:30 am in the morning. It loads an application url, takes screenshot of the login page, logs in to the application, takes screenshot of the home page, opens outlook mail and then sends mail to user that application is up and loading fine attaching the screenshots. The screenshots look fine when I am logged in to my system. But at 4:30 when my desktop is in locked state and I am not logged in then the screenshots of the login page and home page are coming completely black.

Is there any resolution for this such that the screenshots come perfectly fine even when my desktop is in locked state and the job runs at 4:30 AM.

Thanks and Regards

Hi Subhajit,

Print Screen activity will not work in case your desk top is locked . Print screen activity requires an active desktop with your application in focus