How to capture a table data from a web page

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I want to store data present in the web page , for single data (using start / End field configuration is fine) it is fine . But how to capture entire table data from a web page .
Please help .

I attached a sample data .


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You can iterate over a table or grid data in following manner

  1. Define a argument rowind of type Integer and assign value 0 to it using Assign activity
  2. Now using Alt key configure two values of same column in grid.
  3. replace Item Index variable with rowind for Item Index property


  1. You can use the activity configured in Step 3 in a while loop and iterate over row count variable incrementing its value by 1 to get value of each row for the column selected


You also refer thsi query from forum:

Hi Amit ,

I tried the same . only 1st element , i am able to extract .
for 2nd element , i am getting errors .

please help.
Thanks in advance.