How to associate a Sign-in process to other process?

Hi all, I checked all the threads here in respect of sign-in process, and there is no useful information found here.

I created a sign-in process to log into Infydriver and tested well. After that I created another process to sign-off from Infydriver.
Will someone could kindly show the draft steps for associating a sign-in process to other process?


Hi Shinyo,

Sign-in process is linked with the applications directly not with any processes. If you want to use or map a sign-in process to other processes then you just have use the Application for which you have created the sign-in process into other processes.
For example:
I have 1 web application ABC and i have created a sign-in process for it.
Now, i want to use this sign-in process in 3 different processes then i just add a application activity in all 3 processes and use ABC application.
By doing so same sign-in process will be called every time when you setup the environment.

Note: Sign-in processes should be Deployed

Hi, thanks for your prompt reply. Vip.

I am using the CE, and I can’t find the Deploy button in Admin Tab.

Regarding the steps you mentioned above.

  1. Create a sign-in with the name of ABC, then add a application activity to the sign-in process with the name of DEF.
  2. Implement the login operations in DEF, save DEF and ABC.
  3. Deploy the ABC. (Note: I couldn’t find the deploy option in Community Edition)
  4. Use “Setup Environment” to test the sign-in process.

If I want to use the sign-in process in other process, I need add application activity to other process, and specify the DEF as the application? Am I right? (Actually, I tried, seems no sign-in process has been invoked).

Please kindly advise.