How can we get variable value from reused process

I have created a process in which am using one reuse process activity. That reuse process is giving a particular person name as a output. How can i save that output in the variable which i have declared in the current process.

Hi Team,

can you please help me with this query.


In your reuse process, define process inputs and map all arguments that you may want to use in another process (let’s say Process-B).
Now, in Process B, drop a reuse activity and configure its settings by mapping parameters of Process B with reused process arguments. This way you will be able to use a reuse process argument and its value in another process.



I am able to pass the value to reuse process by mapping parameter, But not able to use the output of reuse process.
Lets say, A is my reuse process and B is my main process.
I wanted to pass the value from B process to A process. So by using parameter mapping am able to do that.
But now i want to save the output of process A in process B variable.
eg. 'Name 'is argument declared in process A. ‘Assignee’ is the argument declared in process B. I want to save value of ‘Name’ argument in ‘Assignee’ argument of process B.
How can i achieve it?

The issue has been resolved. Thanks for the response.