Getting VBA Object Model Access Error



I have started Excel Recorder and able to record Excel Macro. After pressing STOP Macro button and trying to click “Open in Studio” button, I get dialog box with name, “VBA Object Model Access Error” and the message is “Please follow the steps mentioned in installation guide to enable VBA Object Model Access”

I am not able to locate installation guide. Could you please help me to enable VBA Object Model Access.



open excel application and go to
files-> options-> trust center->trust center settings-> macro settings

and put tick on “trust access to the VBA project object model.”


Hey…thanks Anjanee…This is working now.
It was my mistake, I saw similar answer on the forumn and just selected “Enable all macros” option but overlooked the Check box, Trust access to the VBA project object model.
After your suggesion, I have tick this check box and now its working.
Thanks for bringing this to my notice.