Getting error while clicking Low Code Orchestrator button

Hi Team,

Whenever I am clicking the button of Low Code Orchestrator, I am getting the below error

What should I do?

Hi @Mantri

Possible reason: Low code is not install or Low code component is not running.

Please contact to Administrator to resolve this issue.

HI @bhuvan

The above issue was resolved after starting LowCode.
I am setting up another instance on my own where I am getting the below error.
You are not authorized for this action. Please check with admin.


What is the solution?

Hi @Mantri
Could you please share more details i.e. when you get this error?

HI @bhuvan

I have installed the RPA 19.1 version.
After also extracted tomcat folder in runtime and started the LowCode component.

Do I need to upload any license?

Hi @Mantri

No. Additional license is not needed.