Get Notification when Components Gets stopped

Is there a way I can get the email notification when my AE RPA Enterprise components go down?

For example - If Reporting / Control Tower has gone down, I want to receive a notification.

Please help me configure it if possible. I am using AE RPA 19.1 version

With AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 - Users can configure Emails, that sends email when Components are down or stopped. For Infrastructure Health Monitoring and configuring alerts - refer knowledge base -

Contact Edgeverve for AssistEdge 19.1 Enterprise Platform -

Thanks @sumit.sagar

I was able to configure Vanguard with the Component health check by referring this link

What would happen if Vanguard component goes down?

AssistEdge Enterprise Platform Sends a notification to configured email id, if notification framework component is down.


Vanguard component will send an alert in case it goes down. However, post that user will not receive any notification unless Vanguard component goes up

You can have Vanguard component in HA mode to avoid single point of failure