FTP Pull operation transfer mode

Pull operation from FTP Activity allow to select transfer mode Binary and ASCII. Can some one help me to understand different scenario to select these mode?

Hi @bhuvan

“ASCII” mode is appropriate when using FTP to send a single text file between two PCs. “binary” mode is appropriate when sending anything else: TAR files, compressed files, gz files, etc. If a binary file is sent between a PC and a UNIX system in “ASCII” mode, the contents of the binary file will be modified such that it will no longer be readable; the file will have to be re-sent from the originating system in binary mode. Typically, this is the source of the problem when a customer sends us TAR or compressed files that are not readable on our machines.

This link can further help


Based on the files that you are sending, please select the option accordingly.

Can you let us know, the Scenario you want to achieve with AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 Automation Studio?