FTP - Pull operation - Communication mode

I am using FTP Activity - Pull operation. It allow to select communication mode

  1. Active
  2. Passive

Need help to understand, which scenario should I select Active and which scenario should I select Passive.

HI @bhuvan

Please refer below links to understand the difference between the Active and Passive mode.

Accordingly please select your communication mode.

Can you let us know the Automation scenario to achieve with Automation Studio?

Hi @sumit.sagar

It’s simple use case, I want to pull .pdf file from FTP server.

HI @bhuvan

For pulling just a PDF file, you can opt for Active mode. It shall work

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As suggested, Active mode works, AssistEdge provides Multiple operations with FTP activity are -

  • Push Mode
  • Pull Mode
  • List Directory
  • Delete
  • Rename

You can refer knowledge base for more information -