Focus Window on systray item



After doing a browser logon to a compnay Guest Wifi I want to Select the connect option in the “Show Hidden icons”.“Check point Endpoint Security” menu of the systray; so that I can connect to the Infosys VPN.

I have managed to automate the GuestWifi logon. But am struugling to find out how to move the focus from the web page to the “Show Hidden icons” of the systray.



You can use image based automation approach for the issue that you have mentioned



I tried to search for the icon in the systray but that didn’t work


Yes I am using the community Edition

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Are you able to click on the system icon up arrow and expand the tray to see all available icons there and icon on which you want to click is not visible.

You are not able to click on up arrow button and expand the system icon tray.



On my PC I can do the clicks etc… But the Focus Window function to move Focus from the Weblogin page to the systray within the RPA processing is what I am having problems with.



Use send key activity to press windows + d key. This will mimize all windows and bring your tray in focus



The SendKeys activity doesn’t appear to have a “windows” key option.

Is there an alternative key combination that I can use?