Filter Processes ready for Deployment

On the deployment page, I want to filter the processes which are ready for deployment.
Currently, I have to eyeball the processes for which a newly published version is available by comparing the published version and deployed version.

Can I quickly filter such processes?

In AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 Automation Studio, users can filter Processes. Set filter to list the processes based on your requirement, you can also combine multiple criteria to filter required processes for the ease of selection.

Filter options changes based on the My Processes or All Processes view you select. For more details, refer the Automation Studio Knowledge base -*%20processed%20processing&rhsearch=My%20Process

Hi @sumit.sagar

The above link works for filtering the processes.

My requirement is to filter the processes for which a higher published version is available for deployment.


Thanks for your wonderful feedback . As of now this feature is not available in product. It can be incorporated in upcoming versions